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Non-Surgical Options

Simple, gentle, less-invasive methods

Morning-After Pill

Emergency contraception (EC), also known as the Morning-After Pill, is intended for use after unprotected sexual intercourse or when you believe your primary method of birth control has failed and unwanted pregnancy may result.

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The Abortion Pill

Also known by its trade name Mifiprex (Mifepristone) and commonly referred to as RU-486, the Abortion Pill is prescribed to terminate pregnancy up to 49 days after the beginning of the latest menstruation.

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Early Termination

Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) is done between 5-7 weeks of pregnancy and is one of the least invasive procedures that we offer. The procedure is done in about 5 minutes with no electronic machinery used and no scraping involved.

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First Trimester

The surgery generally takes between five and ten minutes. You are then taken to the recovery room where you will be observed by our nursing staff for another thirty to sixty minutes.

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Second Trimester

The surgery to terminate a pregnancy between 13 and 15 weeks can usually performed in one day. For pregnancies between 16 and 24 weeks a two or possibly three day procedure is required.

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Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition to the mother and the fetus cannot survive. The developing cells must be removed to save the mother’s life. This is an emergency condition and you must seek medical help immediately.

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What our patients say about us

"Such a stressful time couldn’t have gone any smoother than this. The staff is truly friendly, I didn’t feel judged whatsoever. The doctor spent plenty of time with me and the procedure was quick."

24, Manhattan

"This is a difficult experience already, but all the doctors and medical staff have gone above and beyond to make this an extremely comfortable experience/ visit. The facility is very private, clean, and comforting. I love everything here."

26, Queens

"Very professional and caring. I did not feel judged but rather cared for and safe. The staff was very informative and nice. I felt confident having the procedure done here."

41, Manhattan

"I liked the way I was instructed and directed without confusion and vagueness. The service and appointment were prompt and made me feel comfortable in a difficult situation."

22, Queens

"As a registered nurse, I know that when patient flow is so rapid it can be difficult to establish anything other than a ‘business as usual’ relationship."

24, Brooklyn

"I couldn’t be happier with the service and staff. For an awkward procedure/experience, the staff’s attitude and character truly eased my anxiety at every step. Thank you."

38, New Jersey

"This was my first surgery (in my life) and due to a very emotional cause (miscarriage) your excellent staff was knowledgeable, taking time, listening, explaining, give clear instructions. They are awesome and made this experience as pleasant as possible, for which I thank everyone involved very much. I would in a second recommend your services to a family member or friend."

36, Manhattan

"I will definitely refer anyone to this office, the staff is great and the process was fast and east. The office environment was very welcoming. My experience was wonderful."

31, Brooklyn

"I would gladly recommend this office to others because I felt comofrtable here and everyone seemed very genuine with the care I was given. I like that they gave me snacks after the procedure!"

32, Staten Island

"This office was warm welcoming and very professional. Although I was not the only patient I felt like I got personalized service. Thank you very much ALL staff from the receptionist to recovery staff. I got the best care."

20, Westchester

"The staff made me feel at home and relaxed. Even when I found out that I had a miscarriage, it was explained to me. Your staff at Eastside is great."

38, Manhattan

"This was a very difficult time for me. I lost my baby after 6 wks- no heartbeat. Upon the staff learning this, they treated me with wonderful care, supportive nature and a kindness that was very much appreciated during this time. A very professional and nice staff."

37, Manhattan